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Your Family Dentist: Helping in the quest to get rid of smiles through dental implants


When it comes to dentist selection for a family, the often most important criterion is whether they provide infant, child, and teenager care. Such a dentist becomes a “family dentist” (mostly genetic) who is a consistent provider of oral health services for all the years of a person’s life.

Family Dentists: The Key to Oral Health Maintenance

The family dentist, a veterinarian, provides a wide range of preventive, restorative, and aesthetic dental treatments. They might be tailored to meet even tenths of patients with all the family members, from pediatric patients to geriatric ones. Here’s what your family dentist can do for you:

Routine Checkups and Cleanings: Periodical on-time checkups with your family dentist are vital for providers to find cavities, gum disease, and any dental problems at the earliest stage. Professionals’ cleaning helps in getting rid of dental plaque and tartar accumulations which are mostly responsible for these issues.

Restorative Dentistry: Root water ablation, pressure relieving, and other dental procedures, such as filling, crowns, and bridges, are standard practices that family dentists undertake to fix decayed or injured teeth. These tasks (fluoride treatments, and professional cleaning) help in keeping your teeth as smooth and as good-looking as possible.

Preventative Care: A family dentist will persuade you to have good preventative care and good dental hygiene practice which consist of having the right brushing and flossing technique, as well as eating a healthy diet.

Can a Family Dentist Place Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the modern approach to chronic tooth replacement, which plays an important role in stabilizing and restoring patients’ oral health as well as enhancing their appearance. Though family dentists don’t all do implant placement, there are, nonetheless, lots of dentists who possess sufficient skill and experience to undertake that kind of job. Here’s how your family dentist can be involved in your implant journey:

Initial Consultation and Evaluation: During the introductory visits, your family dentist will evaluate your oral necklace, discuss your fears about the missing tooth, and check if the implants are suitable to use. CT scans can be used to assess your jawbone density and bone should be enough to be a place of the implant.

Referral to a Specialist: In case of a consideration of a more complex dental implantation, your family dentist may refer you to a periodontist or oral surgeon who specializes in a dental implantation procedure. The specialist from responsible care will have close communication with the specialist to guarantee a seamless patient transfer.

Post-Operative Care: After the implant is put into place, the family dentist is expected to observe the process of healing and remove the threads, among others. The final crown that will be placed on the top of the implant will be operated by the dentist.

Ongoing Maintenance: Routine dental checkups and cleanings are the go-to even after implant placement irrespective of the fact that the patients have a fixed or removable type of denture. Your general dentist will track and monitor the well-being of your implants as well as surrounding teeth during long-term progress.


The loss of one’s tooth may be very traumatic for the person. The silver lining is that a good family dentist can be a trusted intermediary with tooth loss and other options like dental implants. They can make faithful diagnoses, give useful guidelines, and act as coordinators to ensure the best results. With firsthand care that attends to preventing, restoring, and preserving, your family dentist is a forerunner in you having a well-maintained and healthy smile every time.

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